Frequently asked questions

What is the daily schedule for the Challenge?

The Challenge starts on Wednesday, April 28th, and all the Daily Live trainings are held at 7.30 pm BST (British Summer Time) / 6.30 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) / 12.30 pm CT (Central Time) / 1.30 pm ET (Eastern Time) / 10.30 am PT (Pacific Time).

Always at the same time every day to make it easier!

… There are two recorded Bonuses that you can access at any time during the challenge timeline (check your email, that is where the links for the bonuses will be!)

There is a Live Bonus being held on Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group, on Wednesday, May 5th, at the same time as the other Live Trainings (7.30 BST).

How long is the training each day?

The trainings are 50 minutes, however, I usually stick around to answer questions if needed, so it can go up to 75 minutes, after which the VIP session starts, which will last for 60 minutes.

What happens if I miss one of the trainings?

Do not worry!!! All the replays of the trainings will remain in the Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group until Sunday, May 9th.

Since this is a Challenge, we only leave the replays available for a short period of time, as we found it is the best way to get people to go through everything and not have it be another course that people do and then never come back to finish.

However, if you do believe you will have to miss out on some of the trainings, or if you would like to have the options to re-watch all of them, you might want to consider joining VIP, as you get to keep all the recordings (along with some extra very cool bonuses!!!).

Are the lessons and trainings pre-recorded or taught Live?

There are two Bonuses that are two pre-recorded lessons, that you can access before the Challenge starts officially. After that, all the trainings are taught LIVE in the Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group, and directly on the Zoom Call, for VIPs.

Who the heck is Alexandra Duque?

Alexandra Duque is a Portuguese Integrative Clinical Psychologist, working with Mental Health for 18 years, currently living in Cork, Ireland.

On February 24th, 2020, she created Connecting101.Live, to help hundreds of people to reconnect with themselves, through healing their Mental Health, to create more meaningful relationships and to become happier and fulfilled in their lives.

Why do you use Facebook Groups for this Challenge?

One of the most powerful parts of this Challenge is the connections that are made between the members! I still find that a Facebook Group is the best place for that type of Magical Connection to happen!

I don't really use Facebook, can I still participate?

You will need to have a Facebook profile in order to participate, but definitely don't need to be a Facebook expert! All the Live trainings and homework will happen in the Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group, so we recommend logging in at least once per day during the Challenge.

However, if you sign up for VIP you can be on the live training which takes place on Zoom.

Will you send emails to make sure I don't miss anything if I am not on Facebook that often?

Yes, we will be sending you everything you need to know via email, as well as in the Facebook Group.

I am a bit scared of going to therapy as I have had a few bad experiences, but I still feel in my heart I need to address my Mental Health! Can you help?

That feeling is totally Natural!

However, this Challenge is NOT therapy, but rather a comprehensible basis for you to start working with your Mental Health, both with or without a therapist.

A lot of times, people feel confused about what actions to take to help their Mental Health, or the strategies they are given do not stick for long as they are too difficult to sustain in an ongoing basis. In this Challenge, you will have two pre-recorded classes that will help you to understand different dimensions of Mental Health and Emotional Trauma, that are going to help you to highlight your, personal, current needs.

In the Live Trainings you will be transforming your Mindset about Your Mental Health, in a structured and sustainable way, that will allow you to start to really look at yourself in the mirror (every day) and continuously implement the strategies you will learn and develop.

Will this Challenge work for me, even if I have no previous experience of therapy?


This Challenge IS NOT THERAPY! So, there is no previous experience requirements.

In this Challenge you will learn about the basis, or building blocks, of Mental Health, which is a valuable information for anyone that wants to become healthier emotionally and mentally, independently of the current or past state of your Mental Health.

I am struggling with a Mental Health issue at the moment, should I still join?

This is a Challenge here you can learn about Mental Health and start developing your own strategies to start feeling better.


If you have a Mental Health Diagnosis, this challenge is definitely NOT ENOUGH TO HEAL IT!

You can still join, as you can benefit from the experience and learning, but YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SEEK INDIVIDUAL HELP WITH A MENTAL HEALTH CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

You can then use the learnings from this Challenge to discuss with your Mental Health Certified Professional, and empower yourself to BE MORE ACTIVE in Your Own Therapy.

Who is this Challenge for? And who is it NOT for?

This Challenge is for busy people, that are aware of the importance of nurturing their Mental Health, and, despite busy, are still committed with working on themselves to build a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling experience for their lives.

By being committed, it means that the people this Challenge is for, are willing to experiment different strategies and techniques to start to feel better about themselves and their lives, with a strong desire of helping themselves and coming out of that “dark whole”.

They look at this Challenge as an OPPORTUNITY to EMPOWER themselves, while the “bumps on the road” become learning experiences rather than defeats.

This Challenge is definitely NOT for people that are looking for a quick fix for their Mental Health Issues, or that are looking for someone to take care of them, making them feel better, without being willing participants in their own healing process.

I don’t feel comfortable with showing my face on camera, should I still join?

You DO NOT need to show your face on camera if you are joining this Challenge.

In the VIP group, on the Zoom call, I will definitely ask people to have their cameras on to enhance the engagement and feedback, however, this is NOT MANDATORY!

I don't like talking about my emotions, should I still join?

Talking about, understanding, feeling and sharing your emotions IT IS, in fact, AN IMPORTANT part of achieving a better Mental Health.

However, over this Challenge, you don’t need to share your deepest emotions with the Community, but you definitely need to share them with YOURSELF!

The homework will be based on upscaling that deeper emotional acknowledgement, and to experience any changes during the challenge; that part is definitely a MUST.

However, sharing them with the community is a choice that you CAN MAKE. That choice will bring you the advantage of understanding that you are not alone in the emotions that you are experiencing every day, no matter how difficult they are; which will in turn, help you to accept your own emotions, and potentially even support other people in acknowledging and accepting theirs.

I would like to invite someone to do this Challenge with me! Would you advise that, or should I do it by myself?

YES! It can be a very powerful help to have an “accountability partner” (a person that keeps in contact with you and holds you accountable to the promises you do to yourself) in this Challenge, to continue after the Challenge deep diving and talking about Mental Health and Emotions, and to help motivate you to keep going with the self-reflection and ongoing self-care.

You can either bring someone along with you, from your personal/professional life, or you can find that person (or people) in the Challenge Community.

What do I do if I have questions during the trainings or throughout the Challenge in general?

If it is a private matter, you can email your questions to, however, if it is a question that others can learn from, I would invite you to ask it in the Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group, tagging me, Alexandra Duque, or in the chat (Facebook or Zoom) during the live trainings.

Am I guarantee to get feedback from Alexandra throughout the Challenge?

I am very present in the group, and always do my best to go through everyone's homework and questions!

That being said, there is no guarantee that I will be able to give personalized feedback to everyone!

Doing the assignments and posting your homework is more for you, and your own growth process, and for your fellow community members to support and learn from each other!

What perks do I get for upgrading to "VIP"?

You get to be on the live Zoom calls with me, Alexandra, you get to ask your questions live and potentially being coached live;

You get to be live in the live coaching calls after each training;


You get two bonus coaching calls (not streamed on Facebook) after the challenge, to help the group to put all the information together and start taking action transforming their Mental Health.

Will there be prizes within this Challenge?


Prizes for the ones that most engage in the Challenge!

But they are a surprise to be announced DURING the Challenge!!!

What type of help can this Challenge get me?

In this Challenge you can start a new journey in your self-awareness, re-connecting with yourself in a self-reflexive manner, that can be the starting point for you to look clearly at your Mental Health needs, and what you need to make any changes in the way that you are living your life, to benefit your Mental Health Discovery Journey.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the assignments each day?

That all depends on how much you want to get out of the Challenge!

It can range from 10-30 minutes per day, after the classes, depending on how deep you want to go!

I have designed this challenge to be SUPER EFFICIENT in triggering your inner questions, and promoting your self-reflection, to be able to reset your Mental Health Journey.

Can you guarantee that I will Heal my Mental Health in 5 days?


Health is a journey, a marathon, NOT A SPRINT!!!

So, no healing process will miraculously happen in your life.

What I can promise you, though, is that if YOU PARTICIPATE FULL OUT, in the sessions, with the homework, and with your questions, you will be gaining an immense advantage, and will have the foundation stones to start creating the daily habits that will, overtime, boost your Mental Health.


I am nervous and excited at the same time! Is that normal?

YES!!! ; )

I want to be an amazing member and start Creating My Amazing Life! What are some ways that I can get the most out of these 5 days?

Be present and enthusiastic on the calls, engage in the Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group, connect with new people, take action on the homework, even (or precisely) if you are scared and it is challenging you!

Be authentically YOU and HAVE FUN!

When does it officially start?

The Mental Health Transformation Group is open already, so you can go ahead, join the group and introduce yourself! The pre-recorder Masterclasses will be made available on Monday, April 26th. Then, the 5-Day Challenge takes place Wednesday (April 28th) - Sunday (May 2nd) Live at 7.30 pm BST (British Summer Time) / 6.30 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) / 12.30 pm CT (Central Time) / 1.30 pm ET (Eastern Time) / 10.30 am PT (Pacific Time). PLUS! There is a special BONUS call on Wednesday (May 5th) at 7.30 pm BST (British Summer Time) / 6.30 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) / 12.30 pm CT (Central Time) / 1.30 pm ET (Eastern Time) / 10.30 am PT (Pacific Time).

I really want to do this BUT... I'm really busy right now! Should I join?

That is exactly what we tell ourselves when we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone: "I really want to do this... BUT...". What comes next doesn't really matter... except, that it all might mean AVOIDANCE!

This Challenge will definitely make you feel uncomfortable, as we will be discussing difficult topics like Mental Health and Emotional Trauma, however, we will also be discovering how to overcome some of those challenges.

So it is Up to You: Do You Want to (and Can!) Challenge Yourself?!

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