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Frequently asked questions

What is TYTAN Belt?

TYTAN Belt is a multi-functional resistance band system. To learn more about what makes us unique, take a look at our 'ABOUT US' section.

What is 'Lever' work?

Lever work is the use of your forearms as opposed to your hands when using our soft padded handles.

What is the benefit of 'Lever' work?

Lever work (having the handle over your forearms as opposed to hands) is beneficial in the sense that it takes all the pressure off your wrists when it comes to lifting the resistance bands.

Can I use TYTAN Belt at my gym?

Of course! You can use your TYTAN Belt anywhere you like.

Is your website in USD?

Correct! Our TYTAN Belt website is all in USD

Do I get any workouts with my purchase?

Absoloutely! Once you have purchased your TYTAN Belt, we will email you a password to log into our TYTAN Fit page. There you will be able to find 'How-To's', various movements and workouts!