TYTAN Belt is a multi-functional resistance band system. You can replicate many traditional and isometric movements in the TYTAN Belt, just with the added resistance from our resistance bands.


What it comes with:

- TYTAN Belt System

- 3x sets of resistance bands (pictured in the flat lay




- Access to our TYTAN FIT! There you will be able to find workouts, how-to's & movements with your TYTAN Belt!



Tubing contains a natural latex which may cause allergic reactions. 

Fitness training can result in serious personal injury or death if not done safely and properly. Risk of serious injury or death can be reduced if safe techniques and common sense are practiced when using this equipment. You should not exercise without first consulting your physician/doctor and should never do so without proper instruction or supervision.


Prior to exercising with this equipment, please consult the full user guide at www.tytanbelt.com and check for worn or damaged parts. If wear or damaged parts is found, stop using the equipment until the wear or damage has been remedied or the equipment has been replaced.


ONLY PERFORM EXERCISES SHOWN ON THE ONLINE PLATFORM. NEVER  over stretch bands beyond the fabric limit. Do not use if hands are wet or greasy. Losing your grip or over stretching the bands can cause the band/s to snap or separate and may cause serious injury to your eyes and/or other body parts. When securing bands under feet with accessory piece, make sure band/s are secure. Make sure accessory piece will not slip off your foot and snap towards you. 

  • Sizing Guide

  • Waist Band length


    Will fit waist up to 42"

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